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Cart Add-on Basics

The Cart Add-on adds shopping cart functionality to your Backlight pages and image galleries. The cart can be used to sell digital image downloads, photo prints, photo packages, or other physical goods or services. The cart accepts online payment via PayPal, or can be used to create invoiced orders, allowing the photographer to collect payment offline or by alternate means. Salable items may be setup with any number of additional purchase options. Orders are sent to your email, and may be saved to your server as a backup.

Creating a Cart-enabled Template#

This document assumes the Cart Add-on has already been installed.

To use the Cart Add-on, the cart features should be enabled and configured in an album template based on the Pangolin Album module.

In Backlight's admin menu, go to Designer => List Templates. Scroll down to the Album Templates, and either create a new template or clone an existing template of type "Pangolin Album".

In the designer for that template, scroll down and open the "Add-ons" control group. For the "Enable Add-ons" option, select "Cart". You will then have options to enable and the cart controls that will appear with the gallery.

Purchase Button on Grid#

Set "Purchase Button on Grid" to ON. A cart button will appear on each thumbnail within the gallery.

Purchase Button on Large Photo#

Set "Purchase Button on Large Photo" to ON. A cart button will appear on the top-right when full-sized photos are shown.

Show 'Add Package' Button#

Whether to include an 'Add Package' button on galleries. When set to ON, further options for button placement and text are shown.

Mixed Pricing#

Whether to allow individual photos to use different pricing schemes from the pricing scheme assigned to the encompassing album. When set to ON, per-photo pricing schemes can be set via the Category metadata field within Lightroom.

Generate Photos for Purchase#

Set to ON to have Publisher generate purchasable digital images. Further options are presented.

Creating a Cart-enabled Album#

Individual Albums can be configured to work with Cart-enabled templates with the following steps.

  • In Lightroom's Publisher Services, double-click an Album to open the Album Settings
  • Under Base Settings, select a Template configured in Designer with the Cart Add-on enabled
  • Under Integration, check the 'Enable Cart' checkbox and enter the name of a Pricing Profile, as described in Manage Products and Pricing.