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Creating a Client Response Album

A Client Response Album is a standard pangolin album with Client Response features enabled. To use these features, the Client Response Add-on MUST be installed from the Backlight Modules area of the admin.

To get started, create, clone or edit an existing Pangolin Album album template, from Designer => Templates => List Templates.

In the designer view for your chosen template:

  • Scroll down to the "Add-ons" control group.
  • In the "Enable Add-ons" select, choose "Client Response".
  • Options will be revealed allowing you to enable and configure the client response features.

Image Selects: ON#

You will be able to select the icon type, and a highlight color for that icon.

Image Feedback: ON#

You will have some options for customizing the UI, and the metadata presentation for images in the feedback panel for each image.

You may have up to six pieces of metadata on display; use Metadata Tokens to customize the metadata output. After making changes to metadata configuration, existing galleries will need to be republished from Lightroom.

To customize other items in the feedback panel -- including star rating, options and comments -- you will need to create a feedback profile. Feedback profiles are independent of the album template, and may be referenced by multiple templates. Select the feedback profile for an album from Lightroom's Publisher, when publishing the album.

To create a feedback profile, in the Backlight admin menu, go to Client Response => Settings => Feedback Profiles.