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Managed vs. Unmanaged Albums

Client Response albums will behave differently depending on whether managed or unmanaged.


Albums published as Private, and assigned to a client account are considered to be Managed.


Albums published as Public or Protected are considered to be Unmanaged.

In Unmanaged Albums, visitors may select images and provide feedback. On submission, they will be asked to provide both name and email address, plus any additional information configured by the photographer.

Feedback may be received from any number of individuals, and an individual visitor may return to the same album to submit multiple rounds of feedback, with each submission handled in isolation from earlier submissions.

In unmanaged albums, selections and feedback that have NOT been submitted have a short lifespan within the browser. Ideally, clients should complete and submit their feedback in a single session to prevent their work being lost when exiting and next visiting the album.

In Managed Albums, work-in-progress is persisted in the client account. This allows clients to exit an album without submitting their feedback, then resume their work at a later time by logging into their client account and revisiting the album.