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Menu Sets

Under Menu Sets, you can create and organize navigation menus for your website. You can create a single menu set to use for all of your galleries or pages, or create several different sets to appear in various places.

A page template may be assigned only one menu set.

The menu set designer allows you to add or remove various types of links, and you can reorder links by dragging them into the desired sequence.

For each menu item, provide a name and select a type of link. Supported types include:

  • Page - Select from a list of pages already created in Backlight; requires the Pages add-on.
  • Album - Select from a list of albums already published to Backlight.
  • Album Set - Select from a list of album sets already published to Backlight.
  • URL - Link to an external site or page by web address; begin links with "http://" or "https://", as appropriate.
  • Non-interactive - Create an item that cannot be clicked; typically used to create a non-interactive parent item for submenus.

Backlight supports drop-menus up to three levels deep (a parent menu item, and two children). Use the "Add" and "Remove" commands on individual menu items to manage submenu items.

After creating a menu set, you will be able to select it when designing a page, album or album set template.