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Pangolin Journal

Pangolin Journal is a new module introduced in Backlight 4, and can be used to create Album Set Templates in an alternative style to those enabled by Pangolin Album Set. The underlying concept for the module is to facilitate the creation of layouts similar to those seen in online magazines or journals of essays.

Pangolin Journal has some quirks.

Presently, journal sets cannot be embedded into pages.

Whereas most of Backlight's modules of PHP-based, Pangolin Journal is more heavily based on JavaScript, and usings Backlight's JSON API to query albums. For this reason, Pangolin Journal is only able to display albums that are returned in the JSON response. For example, Pangolin Journal will not display albums hidden from public view, even when logged in as admin, because such albums are not included in the JSON response.

Those new to Backlight will likely find easier success using the Pangolin Album Set module to create their album set templates. In the Designer, Pangolin Journal is a heap of customization options. The tutorials below will hopefully help you to get to grips with it.