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Public vs. Private Albums

When creating or editing an album or album set, you may set its Visibility as Public, Protected or Private. The Visibility option is located under “Features”.


Public albums are accessible to everyone. This is the default choice.


Protected albums will ask the visitor to provide an access code before they may be viewed. An album may have only ONE access code, and this code may be used by any number of visitors.


Private galleries may be assigned to Client users, and may only be visited by clients to whom they have been assigned. For more information on creating or managing clients, see Client Management.

Protected and Private albums and albums sets will appear with a Lock icon in album sets. On clicking the album, the visitor will be asked to provide an access code or login, respectively.

Protected and Private albums, by default, are not hidden from view, nor are images excluded from search. You should consider also enabling the Hide from Album Set and Hide from Search options for these albums.

Admin users may navigate public, protected and private albums freely while logged into Backlight's admin.