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Upgrade from CE4

Migrate CE4 to Backlight

To upgrade from CE4 to Backlight:

  1. Do not delete any files or folders until instructed to do so.
  2. Unzip the Backlight installer into a CE4 site, including:
    • the .htaccess file
      • the backlight folder
      • the index.php file
  3. Follow the Installation & Setup instructions through completion of the Quick Setup.
  4. From Backlight's dashboard, click the link "Upgrade Albums from CE4".
    • Take note, this process will only migrate albums created by TTG Publisher, our Publish Services plugin for Lightroom. Your albums and album sets will be assigned the default templates for Backlight. You will need to redo your design, pages, etc.

Galleries exported from Lightroom's Web module cannot be upgraded; you will need to publish such albums anew using Backlight.

After upgrading and confirming successful upgrade of your site, you may then go about cleaning up (deleting) your site's unused files and folders.

At minimum, keep all of the following, belonging to Backlight:


Also be careful not to delete any other galleries folders you might have created.

Migrate CE4 Cart

Migrating allows you to preserve your existing products, pricing, orders and other settings in Backlight.

Before proceeding:

  1. Complete basic CE4 migration, described above.
  2. Ensure the ttg-be and backlight directories reside in the same location of your site.

Migration will replace all cart settings in Backlight. As such, we strongly recommend to migrate from CE4 Cart to Backlight before selling photos through Backlight.

In most cases, having upgraded from CE4, you will have these folders on your server:


To perform the migration:

  1. Log into your Backlight admin.
  2. Click on the Cart menu.
  3. Click on the link "Migrate data from CE4 Cart".
  4. Optionally, confirm that you wish to also copy over CE4 Cart orders by selecting "yes".
  5. Confirm that you are ready to migrate the CE4 Cart settings by selecting "yes".
  6. Click "Continue".
  7. Database files will be copied and updates applied. Click "Continue" when finished.

You should then find that all of your CE4 Cart settings (and orders, if selected) have been transferred to Backlight.