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Upgrade from Backlight 2+

From Backlight 2 onward, updating and upgrading are easy. See Installing Add-ons and Updates for instructions.

Upgrade from Backlight 1.x

Upgrading from Backlight 1.x a relatively simple process.

Before beginning, please be sure to be on Backlight 1.2.2 or newer. This is important.

Delete or move aside everything from within backlight/ EXCEPT:


Also, make sure to leave any gallery folders untouched.

Continue to install Backlight according to the Installation & Setup instructions.

After completing the Quick Setup:

  1. Visit each of the Admin, Publisher and Designer menu items to upgrade the databases.
  2. Go to Admin => Backlight Modules to install any add-ons that you may have purchased.
  3. Visit the Backlight landing page -- click the BACKLIGHT logo or Admin menu item -- and click on the "Update Album Files" link.
  4. From Admin => Backlight Modules, click the link to download the latest version of the Lightroom Publisher Plugin, then replace the local copy you are currently using with the new download.

Client Response users are advised to visit the Client Response landing page and click on "Migrate Backlight 1 Client Response". This can only be performed after installing the Client Response add-on via the Admin => Backlight Modules page.

Legacy "Okapi" Templates

Backlight 1 originally shipped with the "Okapi" class modules, then later received the updated "Pangolin" class modules in a big, mid-cycle update.

The Okapi modules are legacy, and no longer supported; Pangolin is current and continues to enjoy new feature development and ongoing improvements. To be clear:

All Backlight users should be using the Pangolin modules.

Pangolin having been released as a free update to Backlight 1, ideally Backlight 1 users would have upgraded to Pangolin by now. However, if still running the older Okapi modules, we have you covered.

Exclusive to those upgrading from Backlight 1, the standard Okapi modules may be installed from the Admin => Backlight Modules page. This includes okapi-album, okapi-album-set and okapi-pages. These modules are provided strictly for the purpose of transitioning your existing site to the newer version of Backlight, and you should prioritize the creation of new templates using Pangolin.

Please be aware, the Okapi version Cart, Client Response, Theater and WP Theme add-ons are unavailable. And that current versions of these add-ons are not compatible with Okapi templates; i.e. if you want to use the Client Response features, then you need to create your album templates using Pangolin.

Upgrade from CE4

See Upgrading from CE4.