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  • An FTP client (free options are available)
  • For the optional Publish Services plugin for Lightroom, a Mac or Windows PC, running Lightroom Classic.
  • Add-ons require Backlight.


In general, any place you can run WordPress, you can run Backlight. Specifically, Backlight calls for:

  • Linux OS
  • Apache server
  • PHP 5.6 or newer
  • SQLite and PDO modules enabled

Supported Browsers

On desktop, Backlight runs in current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari, and in Internet Explorer 10 and 11. On mobile, current versions of Android Browser, Chrome for Android and iOS, and iOS Safari are supported.

Backlight is not standalone software. The Backlight web-application should be deployed to a local or remote web server adhering to the above requirements; for online use, a domain name and standard web hosting are required. Hosted website services such as those provided by LiveBooks, Squarespace, etc. are not "standard" web hosting and will not run Backlight.


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