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Galleria Add-on


The Galleria Add-on is compatible with the Pangolin family modules only.


Following installation, the Galleria Add-on should be available to use.

  • In Backlight's menu, go Designer => Templates.
  • Scroll down to the Album Templates list, and click "Create New Template".
  • Name the template, and for Type choose "Pangolin Galleria"; click "Add".

At this point, you may use the designer to customize the album. This probably be easier to do with some images in your album, though, so we recommend getting into Lightroom at this point to publish some images.

  • In Lightroom's Publish Services, create a new album.
  • For Template, select the new Galleria template you created during the above steps.
  • Click the Features tab; because our template is still a work-in-progress, we're going to hide it from view. Enable the "Hide from Album Set" and "Hide from Search" checkboxes; click "Create".
  • Add images to the new album and publish.
  • Right-click the album in Publish Services and select "Go to Published Album" to visit the album online.

When publishing completes, return to Backlight's designer and get to designing.