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Creating a Full-screen Template

Using the Galleria or Theater add-ons, it is possible to create a full-screen gallery.

To get started, first create a full-screen page template. This is easy to do, and simply requires that a page template be created with specific settings, outlined below.

As usual, follow these steps to create a new page template:

  • In Backlight's menu, go Designer => Templates.
  • Under the Page Templates heading, click "Create New Template" at the bottom of the page template list.
  • Give the new template a name, for example "Full-screen Page Template for Galleria".
  • Click "Add", and you will be taken directly into the template designer.

Once in the designer, start dialing in the settings as described below. Any option not specifically cited, please leave at its default value.

Recipe for a Full-screen Page Template

NOTE : These steps for creating a full-screen page template do vary slightly from those detailed elsewhere in our documentation. The template we're building here is to be used specifically with the Galleria Add-on, and may not be suitable for more generic uses.


  • Breakpoint : Always
  • Columns : One Column
  • Top Pallet => Has Height on Desktop : Off
  • Top Pallet => Has Height on Mobile : Off
  • Top Pallet => Quick Search => Search Button : Off


  • Primary Masthead => Location : Disabled


  • Horizontal Navigation => Location : Disabled
  • Vertical Navigation => Location : Disabled


  • Pallets => Background-color : #FFFFFF


  • Bottom Pallet / Copyright : Off

These settings will leave you with a simple, full-screen page template, //without navigation//.

You may still have text on the page, though. If so, and if you wish to remove it, then ...

  • ... if a page, go to Designer => Pages. Edit the page, empty the Page Copy text.
  • ... if an album or album set, edit the album in Lightroom's Publish Services. Empty the Page Copy text, and set the Page Copy Placement option as "Replace template Page Copy".

... else, it's fine to leave the text; the gallery will disappear it.

Recipe for a Full-screen Galleria Template

Create a new album template using the Galleria Add-on, or edit an existing Galleria album template. Dial in the following settings. And these are just the vital settings; configure other items, such as colors, according to your own preference.

First thing, select the Page Template created above.

Photo Presentation

Slideshow Stage => Target : Expanded This setting instructs the gallery to fill the page.

Slideshow Controls => Back/Close Button : On As we lack navigation, this setting allows us to exit the gallery, back to the Album Set.

Playback Options => Image Crop : Off Use this to ensure that images are fully visible, rather than blown up to fill the browser.

Image Info => Overlay Info on Desktop : On Turn this on to ensure that captions are visible, else they will be rendered entirely off-screen.