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Client Management

Backlight allows you to create special "Client" users.

A Client is a non-admin user able to log in to Backlight with their own email address and password, for the purpose of accessing restricted albums, and persisting information such as image selections and feedback in a Client Response Album.

To create a Client user, in Backlight's menu, go Admin => Users => Clients.

Click "Add Client" to create a new client account.

Set the Client's name, email address and password.

A client account can have exactly ONE user, and is not intended for group use.

Important: The client will NOT be notified of their account. You should contact the client directly to provide them their login credentials. Please view this as an opportunity to follow up with your client regarding their photo session.

Assigning Album

Albums which are "Private" may be assigned to client users, allowing them to access those albums when logged in. For more information on setting album access, see Public vs. Private Albums.

To assign albums, click "Assign Albums" for the desired user. A list of Private albums will appear; select any number of albums, and press the "Assign" button.

Logging In Clients

Clients may log in at

You may manually provide them this link, or you might create a "Clients" item in your site's navigation menu, pointing to this location.

After logging in …

  • ... if only one album is assigned, the client will be redirected to their album.
  • ... if multiple albums are assigned, the client will be presented a list of assigned albums.

Client Management + Client Response

Any type of album may be marked as Private and assigned to a client. However, when using the Client Response Add-on, Client Management also behaves as follows.

  • The client's image selections and feedback will be preserved between sessions, so the client may safely exit the album and resume browsing at a later time.
  • Once the client has submitted feedback on a managed album, the "Post Submission Actions" treatment will be enacted on the album for that user. Set this treatment in Client Response => Settings.