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Image Downloads

Backlight's albums, using the Pangolin Album template, may be configured to allow visitors to download your images.


To set this up, go to Designer => Templates in the menu, then edit or create an album template using the Pangolin Album module.

Under the Advanced Setup control group, scroll down to the Downloads heading.

You will see a "Source" select with four options.


Do not allow image downloads. This disables the album's download mechanisms, but should not be misconstrued as download prevention. The album does not include aggressive anti-download measures.

Use photos rendition

When the user downloads an image, they will receive the same file rendition used in the slideshow. This requires no additional setup.

Create custom download rendition via Publisher

When publishing images, an extra image rendition will be created for downloads. Selecting this will expose additional options for setting images parameters, including width, height, compression quality, etc. Use this option to easily supply the gallery with downloadable JPG files. If the album has already been published when this is enabled, you will need to re-publish existing images to generate this new rendition.

Upload Manually

Use this to create and supply files separately from the publish process. For example, Backlight's publishers can only create images in JPG format. If you want to supply downloads in a file format other than JPG, you would need to supply those files manually.

Provide a folder name and the file extension for the downloads, such as tif, png, etc. The folder should be manually created within the published album, for example:


Images in this folder should have identical files names for their corresponding images in the album.

Downloading Images

When image downloads are enabled, visitors will be able to download images in either of two ways.

From the Thumbnail Grid

To download images from the thumbnail grid, visitors should Cmd-click the thumbnail image on Mac, or Ctrl-click the thumbnail on Windows. You may wish to indicate this functionality in the album's text.

From the Slideshow

In the slideshow view, the download button is available in the Image Menu.