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Smart Albums

New! in Backlight 5.

Smart Albums use keywords to gather images from all of your albums.

Creating a Smart Album

Create an album as usual. Use the new "Smart Album" option to enable the feature, then provide a comma-separated list of keywords to include within the album.

Keywords Syntax

You can use plus and minus operators with keywords to refine your results, as follows.

aaa => photos with aaa

aaa, bbb => photos with aaa, bbb, or both

+aaa, +bbb => photos that have both aaa and bbb

aaa, -bbb => photos with aaa that do not have bbb

Ordering in Smart Albums

Smart Albums will endeavor to honor custom ordering when displaying images. Ordering follows the sequence numbers of the photos in their underlying albums, if those photos had custom sorting. This falls back to ordering by upload time for photos do not have a sequence number, or which share the same sequence number due to being sourced from different albums.


Photos published to a smart album, in the usual fashion, will be ignored. Images will only appear in the smart album if they match for the designated keywords.