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Backlight provides a modular design system, wherein modules are used to create templates for pages, albums, album sets, and more.

Core Modules

Core modules ship as part of the Backlight application, and encapsulate various functionalities for Backlight's administration. Some of these modules are categorized as "design modules", and are using via Backlight's Designer to create consumer-facing pages, albums, and album sets.

Design modules are grouped into families, having the names of animals, and are used to create Templates. Templates combine in various configurations, within their family, to create pages, albums, and album sets.

The families are:

Templates cannot cross familial boundaries. For example, you cannot combine a Kookaburra Album template with a Pangolin Page template. For more information on template relationships, see Templates.

Add-on Modules

Add-on modules ship and are purchased separately from the Backlight application. Add-ons are not standalone applications, and can only be used within the Backlight application.

Add-ons bring additional, optional functionality to Backlight.

Currently, add-ons may only be used with Pangolin templates.

Available add-ons include: