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Custom Form Elements

Creating Extra Fields for Checkout

On checkout, buyers are prompted to provide some necessary information such as name, email, shipping address, etc. While Name and Email Address are always required by the cart, users may add any number of additional fields or remove fields they find unnecessary. This is accomplished from within the Additional Fields page under Settings.

The Title appears on the transactionless checkout form. The Name field is used internally to save the value - leave this blank to have it created automatically from the Title. To make a field mandatory, set Required to yes, and provide an Error Message to display when a customer attempts to checkout without completing the field.

Creating Checkboxes for Checkout

Optionally, buyers may be presented with any number of checkboxes on checkout. Checkboxes may be configured within by clicking Checkboxes under Settings. Example uses are for agreement to terms and conditions of sale, or to sign-up to receive newsletters. Checkboxes may be made optional or mandatory for checkout.

The Title field is the text that accompanies a checkbox. This field supports two special tokens to link to text or an external URL. Documentation for the supported tokens can be found by hovering over the 'info' icon when adding or editing Additional Fields.

The External Text field supports formatting with Markdown. See Writing Copy for more on Markdown.